Weed nail art that will have your next manicure up in smoke

Having a beautiful, personalized nail set is sure to draw praises, and you can tap them on a counter to make a lovely sound.

Nail embellishments are a great way to express your interests. In the case of these 16 nail sets, the subject is weed.

Manicurists can highlight the plant in nails in a variety of ways. Some tweak the classic French tip with new colors or gems, while others opt for a bright color pop. 

Some nail professionals even utilize actual ground cannabis in their gel or artistically incorporate iconic cartoons into their designs.

Explore our weed nail set gallery to discover inspiration for your next appointment.Most Millenials are familiar with French tip manicures, but these sets include a twist: cannabis. 

Classic French tips are complemented by Zodiac ornaments, elegant cannabis leaf diamonds, and more. Explore these classic cannabis nails.

Seeing our favorite cartoons with a bong or red eyes is always amusing, and some nail technicians appear to share this sentiment. 

This collection of nails includes a Spongebob set, Mario & Luigi, Lizzie McGuire, and even Uncle Snoop.

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