What Is Your Greatest Error When It Comes To Chia Seed Pudding

Chia seed pudding is a convenient breakfast, but storing chia seeds incorrectly can lead to unknowingly using expired ones. 

The ideal ratio is one tablespoon of chia seeds per quarter cup of milk for a make-ahead breakfast. 

Chia seeds can last two to five years, but improper storage can shorten their shelf life. 

To maintain freshness, store chia seeds in a closed container in a dark, dry place. 

Signs of expired chia seeds include clumping, sliminess, off-putting aroma, and the presence of insects. 

Even if the expiration date has passed, chia seeds are safe if they show none of the mentioned signs. 

For old chia seeds, consider using them in recipes like smoothies, baked goods, granola, and energy balls. 

If unsure about the freshness of chia seeds, play it safe and add a fresh batch to your grocery list. 

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