What to Plant Instead of Invasive Burning Bush

The yellow blossoms of dwarf bush honeysuckle grow from June to August on a mound-shaped plant. The green leaves can be reddish in the spring and summer, then become crimson in the fall. 

This deer-resistant shrub entices butterflies, pollinators, and hummingbirds. Use for shrub borders and naturalized areas. Prune in the wintertime. 

The dwarf bush honeysuckle expands slowly via root suckers (vertical growth from the root system).

'Mount Airy' is a fothergilla variety that grows to be modest in size but produces enormous flowers and rich fall color.

The fluffy creamy-white blooms resemble bottle brushes and bloom in April and May with a honey-scented fragrance.

The foliage, which is dark green on top and bluish-green beneath, turns yellow, orange, and red in the fall. 

The shrubs suckers aggressively, producing roots that grow into stems. Allow ample space in your beds for this growth.

Fragrant sumac is a robust native shrub that produces tiny, yellow flowers in April and beautiful fruit in the fall, attracting birds and butterflies.

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