When Travis Kelce of the Chiefs learned that Jason was celebrating his touchdown, he responded perfectly. No shirt

The Kansas City Chiefs clinched their sixth consecutive AFC championship game with a 27–24 victory over the Buffalo Bills, marked by a wild fourth quarter. 

Jason Kelce, brother of Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce and Philadelphia Eagles center, stole early game headlines with a shirtless celebration after Travis's first touchdown. 

Travis Kelce, unaware of his brother's antics, laughed off the celebration, saying it didn't surprise him and emphasizing their mutual support. 

Despite his Eagles being eliminated in the wild-card round, Jason Kelce attended the game wearing a Chiefs beanie and even mingled with Bills Mafia before kickoff. 

During the game, Jason wholeheartedly supported his brother, going viral for jumping shirtless into the stands to celebrate Travis's touchdown, surrounded by Bills fans. 

The Eagles center showcased his unwavering support for Travis, emphasizing their close bond and mutual encouragement even when playing for rival teams. 

Travis Kelce responded humorously to his brother's celebration, highlighting their strong relationship and shared enthusiasm for each other's success. 

The Chiefs' victory, overshadowed by the dramatic fourth quarter, was ultimately secured, securing their spot in the AFC championship game. 

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