World sexiest athlete Alica Schmidt describes athletes' financial struggles: ‘Not easy’

Alica Schmidt reveals money issues players may confront. 

According to the “world’s sexiest athlete,” the German track and field star, some athletes struggle to make ends meet while perfecting their skill. 

The Daily Mail said that Schmidt remarked in a social media video that most German track and field competitors struggle to make a living. 

We receive €700 (or $739) from Sporthilfe if we are on the national team and in the squad. 

Clubs pay certain athletes “a small sum” but “usually not enough to make a living from,” says 24-year-old Schmidt. 

Schmidt, a 400m runner who made Germany's Olympic squad but didn't compete at 2020, added, “You have travel and hotel costs that are not always covered.” 

.”Schmidt credits social media, where she has 4.7 million Instagram followers, for funding. 

Schmidt told the Daily Mail, “I am grateful that I earn my money with social media and can save myself another part-time job,” adding that she “believes most of her peers have to study” or work. 

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