WWE's Dwayne The Rock Johnson Opens Up About The XFL's Merger With USFL

The XFL and USFL were formed to fill the springtime hole between NFL seasons, with the stated goal of becoming America's major alternative football league.

The XFL went through two phases, the first being Vince McMahon's shelved start-up in 2001. 

He later revived the project in 2018 before declaring bankruptcy in 2020. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson bought the name from McMahon,

but last year he announced that his league would merge with the USFL to form the UFL. Following his appointment to the board of directors for TKO Group Holdings

WWE's parent company — yesterday, Johnson spoke with ESPN about the football league merger. 

"I believe it will work out; now that the XFL and USFL have joined to form the UFL, we have a real shot at it.

We had terrific success with the XFL last season, and the USFL found some very great success as well," added Johnson. 

"As a man who loves football, putting my hands in the dirt was my fantasy. It never happened to me. But today, as life comes full circle, we may create these opportunities."

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