You have a higher-than-average IQ if you can find these secret holiday words in less than 89 seconds.

Most viewers failed to discover all the words in this festive-themed brainteaser, which may be more challenging than seems.

Just find all ten hidden words in this holiday scene illusion. Find all ten words?

f you find them in 89 seconds, your IQ is above average.

If you win this challenge, congrats!

Can you find the ten hidden words in this picturesque setting?

We can hint. They are:   Reindeer Elves,Snow, Santa, Bauble, Mistletoe, Presents Scrooge The Holidays Tinsel

These words were chosen for their strong Christmas ties.

You may find a few words quickly, but don't get carried away.

Words are holding onto their hiding spots.

If you've lost your Christmas enthusiasm and wish to retire your Santa hat, we can help.

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