You may have a high IQ if you can find the sun among the leaves in less than 15 seconds.

Discover the sun among the fallen leaves. The UK-based garden furniture manufacturer Rattan Direct created the brainteaser to pass the time indoors on cold days.

The find-and-seek puzzle has colorful leaves and acorns scattered around.

If you solved the problem in under 15 seconds, you probably have a high IQ and good observation abilities.Be aware of vital indications and set a timer to find the sunshine before time runs out. 

Do you think you saw it?If you can't spot it among the fall leaves, look for pointed sunrays at the margins. 

Hint: sunshine is golden.

If you’re struggling to find it among the fall leaves try taking a closer look at the edges of the leaves for pointy sunrays.  

Only those with the ability to pay attention to detail without getting distracted have been able to spot the sunshine. 

See the solution below if you can't see the sunshine among the fall leaves.  

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